Finally got my hair how I want it!
Took some bleaching but I got the front strands red~

Versatile, as usual.
And I don’t have to wear a bra, which is my most favorite thing.

And a nice sillyseductive back shot for you guys.

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The Body Beautiful

In some of these photo’s I’m pointing at all the bits I have really struggled to love. The bits I’ve most anguished about , hoping they’d disappear over night. I like my shape, it’s mine, but I’d be telling tales if I didn’t say that I still would love to push my back flaps into my boobs lol

I have changed a lot over the past few years, and know my body so well, I respect it and salute it’s resilience and sexiness. I welcome you to look upon it, as I have many of yours. I doth my cap to your body. And thank all those who have braved the ‘small of mind but loud of mouth,’ standing defiant and proud of the space you publicly take up and rightfully own. Showcasing your awesomeness for all to see. Thank you. No one puts fattie in the corner!

*Yes those knickers are ripped. They were ripped off of me in a moment of passion. This guy said “A fucking love your tummy” and then ripped them off LMAO. One of the best fat sexy moments I’ve ever had. I refuse to chuck’em out. They are Tinkerbell knickers ya’ll, Tinkerbell!