Hey guys! Just to let you know I have a TON of new clothes up on my selling blog! Including my first wedding dress I bought. (I ended up getting a tea length for my actual wedding.)  AND the top that was the first outfit post I ever did. Almost everything is less than $20. Go check it out and get some great finds for super cheap. 

Shop here. :)

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What are your favourite places to shop

for plus size clothing?? =]

I LOVE Torrid, Faith 21, and the new Wet Seal+ line!


I’m a fat girl. I wear a size 22 in jeans. A XL in shirts. My ass is the biggest things about me. My thighs could be used as weapons. I don’t have huge boobs. If I go out somewhere, I get attention from predominately black men. (Especially when I was blonde, lawd.)

My fiance and I have been…

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