About Flesh and Bone

        This blog is deticated to spreading the message of body peace and helping women learn to love and embrace themselves as the beautiful creatures that they are.

        It is important for women to learn to be comfortable in their own skin, regardless of size, shape, colour, hair, and so on. But sadly, many women do not realize how beautiful they really are because their beauty is suppressed by the media, by people, sometimes by friends and family, and most often by themselves. No one deserves to be suppressed and everyone deserves to feel amazing. You would be amazed by the power you could feel if you would only let yourself shine. 

        I want you to know that you deserve happiness. You deserve respect, peace, and understanding. But that is not always what you will receive. The world can be a startlingly cruel place. But that does not mean that you can give up. You must continue to stand up tall and fight for respect. Even when it feels like there is no hope to be found. Even when you feel like you’re suffocating and you don’t think that you have the strength to stand up. That is when you turn to me, and our fellow body peace family members for support. We will help you stand and we will help you fight. We will not let you fall, as long as you put your trust and your faith in us. You are not alone. I am not alone. We have each other and together we can help make the world a better place. We can share words of wisdom and support and we can teach each other everything we know about learning to love and respect ourselves. Do not forget that you are not alone and never give up.

        It is a negativity free zone that will focus on plus size fashion/style/clothing, body acceptance, fat acceptance, and confidence. 

        I encourage you to submit photos of yourself wearing your favourite outfits, as well as submit any beauty/confidence tips and stories you would like to share!